Training on “Migration, multiculturalism and conviviality” to community workers, Centro Socail 6 de Maio, Amadora, March, 2014.

Community Forum Health & Citizenship: Local experiences of maternal-child health, CIES-IUL, funded by FCT, November, 2013.

Participatory Action intervention organized in a local context (Loures/Catujal) within the research project “Health and Citizenship: Gaps and needs in intercultural health care to immigrant mothers,” funded by FCT, June 2013.

Workshop Coordinator on Intercultural Mediation in Health, during the “Forum on Intercultural Mediation: A Path to Intercultural Cities”, Amadora Municipality, October 2012.

Workshop for young mothers & pregnant women on healthy habits & nutrition, in Casa Seis, Mira-Sintra, in the framework of the t Health & Citizenship projec funded by FCT, September 2012.

Migrant Tools – Social Work to Promote Intercultural Dialogue, Training course, Gagliole, Italy, funded by the EC Youth in Action Programme, December 2011.

Collaboration and participation in community activities in Casa da América Latina, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (conferences, cinema, discussion sessions, etc.), 2007-2014.

Wealthy and Healthy Together-Developing Common European Modules on Migrants Health and Poverty, Consultant and Rapporteur, Municipality of Amadora and INTI Programme under the Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals,

Public presentation to school body (students, professors & authorities) on Youth Survey Results from TRESEGY EU-funded project, Escola Secondária de Amadora, January 2008.

Adviser to the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union Council – Ministry of Health, 2007.

Public hearing “Building Identities of Youth of Immigrant Descent” with the participation of youth leaders involved in the TRESEGY project, including the production of a Grafitti, ISCTE, December 2007.

Extension & community service with Casa do Brasil de Lisboa, during the process of exceptional regularization, 2003-2004.

Producer and main interviewer of radio programme for Latino community in the United States, University of Illinois Extension Services, 1996-2002.