Most relevant fields of research include migrations (emigration & immigration) processes and policies; gender; public & social policy; health & welfare; diversity, race relations & ethnicity; inequalities; social movements & political participation; good practices assessment. Complementary research interests include qualitative methodologies and participatory action research.


CIES-IUL Center for Research and Studies in Sociology, ISCTE-IUL

Principal Investigator (country leader) “Understanding the practice and developing the concept of welfare bricolage» – UPWEB, Welfare State Future, NORFACE II – European Commission. (2015-2017), Total Grant € 264.700

Centro de Interdisciplinar em Ciências Sociais, New University of Lisbon (CICS-Nova)

Project Leader – Coordinator / Principal Investigator, “Multilevel governance of cultural diversity in a comparative perspective: EU-Latin America – GOVDIV”, International Research Staff Exchange Scheme – Marie Curie, Grant Agreement 612617, 7th Framework Programme, European Commission. (2014-2017), Total Grant € 602.700

CIES-IUL Center for Research and Studies in Sociology, ISCTE-IUL

Principal Investigator, Health and Citizenship: Gaps and needs in intercultural health care to immigrant mothers, PTDC/CS-SOC/113384/2009 funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), (2010-2013), Total Grant €  148.652

Principal Investigator, Conviviality and Super-diversity in Lisbon and Granada, a bi-national research project, PTDC/CS-SOC/101693/2008, funded by the Portuguese Sciences Foundation (FCT), (2009-2012), Total Grant € 114.000

Principal Investigator, an exploratory research project on Latin American Migration to Portugal, funded by Casa da America Latina, (2009), Total Grant € 1.500

Partner Coordinator, Atlantic Waves: Brazilian Migration to Portugal, project funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), coordinated by João Peixoto, (2007-2010), Total Grant € 26.183

Partner Coordinator, “Improving Services for Undocumented Migrants in the EU – NOWHERELAND”, funded by the European Commission, DGSanco, (2008-2010), Grant € 8.500

Principal Investigator & Project Coordinator, Good Practices on Health and Migration in the European Union, funded by DG-SANCO, European Commission, (2007), Grant € 100.000

National Level Principal Investigator, TRESEGY, a research project financed by the European Commission on the integration of youth of immigrant descent. Responsible for the overall survey implementation and analysis, 6th Framework Programme, European Commission, (2006-2009), Total Grant € 102.976

Individual Research Grant at the Post-Doctoral level on Brazilian Immigration to Portugal, funded by Portuguese Science Foundation, CIES-IUL (first year carried out at SOCINOVA, New University of Lisbon).

University of California at Berkeley, Beatriz Baines Research Group

BBRG Associate Research Fellow, carried out research on Brazilian migration in the San Francisco Bay Area, as an Affiliated Research Scholar, (2010)

Technical University of Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico (IN+)

Post-Doctoral fellow conducted research and coordinated a junior team of researchers on Inequality and Diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Post-doctoral fellow – University of Illinois Extension, conducted action research about/with Latino immigrants in the Mid-West region.

Senior Research Assistant – Urban Planning, conducted research on feminist theory and methodology in Social Sciences and women in public policy.

Research Assistant – University Extension, conducted community survey in rural communities. Assessment of the impact of recent immigration to the area. Wrote reports on findings.

Research Assistant – Sociology/Transnational Area, conducted library and web research on academic programs about transnational studies, globalization and area studies proving assistance in the design of the new Transnational Area within the Sociology Department.

University of Texas at Austin

Research Assistant, conducted in depth interview with women politicians, feminists and academics in Mexico city for a professor (Victoria Rodriguez) writing a book on Women in Mexican Politics.


“Equi-Health project: Fostering health provision for migrants, the Roma, and other vulnerable groups”, National Expert for EU/EEA MS on the incorporation of Health strand to Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), Coordinated by IOM, funded by the EC, 2014-2016.

“Politics of Representation (II): The Making and Marketing of “latino” identities in Spain and Europe from a Transnational and Postcolonial Perspective”, I+D CSO2012-37433 (team member), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Coordinated by Prof. Liliana Suarez, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 2013-2015.

“Mixed couples living abroad: gender relations, social dynamics and transnational connections”, I + D Grant CS02012-33565 (team member) funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Coordinated by Prof. Jordi Roca, Universidad Rovira i Vigili, 2013-2015.

“Invisibility of death among immigrant population in Portugal / A invisibilidade da morte entre populações migrantes em Portugal”, PTDC/CS-ANT/102862/2008, CRIA, 2011-2014.

“Gender, Migrations and Domestic Service: an army of invisible domestic workers” (Género, Migrações e Serviço Doméstico: o exército invisível das empregadas em Portugal), DINAMIA-IUL (team member), funded by Secretaría de Igualgade de Género e Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), 2009-2012.

“BELTS-W – Transnational Strategies and Entrepreunerial Relation of Brazilian Women in Portugal” (Estratégias Trasnacionais e Relações Empresariais de Mulheres Brasileiras em Portugal), IGOT (team member) funded by Secretaría de Igualgade de Género and Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT). 2009-2011.

“Atlantic Waves: Brazilian Immigration in Portugal” (Participant institution coordinator) – Join research project with SOCIUS, CIES and CES financed by the Portuguese Science Foundation, 2008-2011.

“From Fado to Tango: Portuguese Emigration to the River Plate Region” (team member) Research funded by the National Science Foundation of Portugal and Camoes Institute, August 2004- 2006.

“Economic Inequality and the Diffusion of Technological Innovation: In Search of a Missing Link” (Coordinator), Research funded by the National Science Foundation of Portugal, May 2002 – 2003.

“Immigrants and Migrants: Myths and Realities in the Mid-West” – Action Research Project funded by University of Illinois Extension, May 2001 – February 2002.

“Women’s Organizing in a Global Context: Activism in Salvador, Brazil at the Crossroad of Race, Class and Gender” – (Dissertation Title) supported by Tinker Foundation through summer travel grant.

“Sense of Community among Latino and nonLatino Residents in two Rural Communities of the Mid-West”, Department of Human and Community Development, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1998-99.

“Gender Identity Formation: The Case of Peruvian Women from the Shantytowns” Project funded by the Tinker Foundation and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies of the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, Summer 1997.

“Women and Development: Role of the Women’s NGOs in Latin American Development” – Professional Report,(Masters Thesis) University of Texas at Austin, June 1995.

“Women in Mexican Politics”, Policy Research Project, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, August 1994-May 1995.

“Water Conservation and Irrigation: The Case of Rice Farmers in Texas” Policy Research Project, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, August 1993-May 1994.

“Provincial Constitutions Changes in Argentina”, Research project at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the National University of Cuyo, Argentina, 1989-1990.